Keeping Busy in this Crisis


We hear news about it constantly these days. It has devastated families, communities and businesses alike.

While the government has been working hard to make sure that we Canadians survive in as healthy a way as possible, some of us find ourselves without work. 

All of the events that Gary was to shoot have been cancelled and it is looking like this will continue into the summer. So what do you do with all the time you have while you wait... and wait... for this to pass.

Well, beside taking the time to continue learning and training, I have taken up sewing - that's right, sewing! I'm using my wife's sewing machine to sew masks for friends and those who need them.

There are two patterns... One that was provided with materials by a local person who is distributing them to various people in need. The other, which takes more time to complete, is being given to friends and relatives who are at higher risk or who just want to be safer.

If you would like to sew your own mask, you can find instructions here.

These are not, of course, N95 surgical masks, and there is plenty of debate as to whether they will be effective in reducing the spread of the virus. There are plenty of ways the virus can still get past the mask and into your system, even with an N95 mask - like touching things then rubbing your eyes.

But the most compelling argument I have heard for making and wearing them is: if I have the virus and don't know it, it reduces the risk of passing it on to someone else. So if I wear a mask to protect you, and you wear a mask to protect me, then we are both doing our part to protect ourselves, each other, and anyone else.

Stay home! Save lives! And if you have to go out, wear a mask.

Comment below if you have other ways to help out!


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