Do this for the Bride and Groom at the next wedding you attend.

Every once in a while you come across a brilliant idea that you haven't seen before. This one can be used by the Bride and Groom, but it could also be used by their parents, a friend or someone in the wedding party.

It doesn't cost a lot of money and it will likely last much further into the marriage than most gifts.

If there are a large number of tables, this is a fantastic idea, but it will also work for individuals to do it at a very small wedding or if you are in between, you can simply double up or triple up per table. 

The idea is simple. On each table (or several per table, or each person), provide an anniversary card with the anniversary number on it. Attached to the card, place this note:

"Please take a moment to sign this anniversary card and write a message, share a memory, give some advice, offer a "date night" suggestion or send well wishes to the Bride and Groom. They will open a card on the anniversary that corresponds to the anniversary year. It will be fun for them to read what you wrote in the years to come and a great reminder of who all celebrated their special day. After you have signed the card, please drop it in the box labelled `Signed Anniversary Cards Here Please', which is located at the guest signing table."

Nice and simple, but with a lot of meaning. Each year, the Bride and Groom will open one card with the anniversary corresponding to the number on the table. The advice, tips, ideas and memories will make them laugh, smile, cry and maybe even remember their wedding day all over again.

Want to go the extra mile? Or perhaps you you think the couple will cheat and look at them all early... If you're the one arranging the cards, why not also take them with you after the wedding. Each year, remember to mail the anniversary card to the couple - that way they won't peak early at the advice and ruin the surprise, and they don't have to be the one staring at the box full of cards all year long. If you're the one mailing the card, mail it a little early. The groom might thank you for the reminder each year that their anniversary is coming up!

Either way the couple will anticipate the opening of their anniversary card from the wedding each year, with excitement and expectation!

Close friends and family who typically continue to send anniversary cards throughout the marriage are usually at low number tables, so their advice usually comes early in the marriage. That is great because their advice is probably most needed. Extended family and friends who sit at higher number tables don't have to feel left out though - they get to say congratulations on making it that far, and can share wisdom that is needed as they grow older together.

Make every anniversary a special one!


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