Some Kissing Game Suggestions for when you are the Master of Ceremony

Wedding Games. They help people mix. They make your guests smile. They are fun!

Clinking glasses isn't always allowed - caterers don't want chipped or broken glasses. Sometimes, clinking the glasses is a little too easy and the Bride and Groom are looking for something that will mean they can eat between kisses.

As brides and grooms get more creative, kissing games get more creative too. Here are some ones you might want to try:

Bean Bag Toss
Before the wedding, make a board by cutting at least one hole big enough for a bean bag to pass through. If you want, you can label each hole with those you want to have kiss: "Bride and Groom", "You and Your Date", "Bride's Parents", "Groom's Parents". Guests toss a bean bag at the board from a marked distance. If the bean bag goes through one of the holes, the couple named must kiss. 

Another variation of the game is to label each hole with a number of points 1, 2 and 3. The bride and groom only kiss when you reach a score of 21.

Mini Golf
Set up a one hole practice putting green at the reception.Set the hole up in front of the head table and invite guests to come and play, one at a time. When a guest gets a hole in one, the Bride and Groom must kiss.

Shooting Gallery
No, don't shoot the bride and groom! Similar to the Mini Golf, set up a Nerf Gun and some targets. Anyone who can hit the target gets the prize of a kiss from the Bride and Groom.

Spell a word
You can use scrabble letters for this one, or simply print them out on small cards and place them on the tables in a random order. Guests are invited to mingle around the room, getting to know the other guests and discovering what other letters are in the reception hall. 

When they can make a word of five letters or more, they take the word to the head table and the Bride and Groom must kiss. The same words cannot be used twice and swear words are not allowed.

Origami Cranes
Place instructions and Origami paper on each table (Look here for instructions: Guests must fold an origami crane for the bride and groom to kiss. Folding 1000 cranes is considered lucky in Japanese culture and a special prize could be given for the 1000th crane. Of course, kissing 1000 times could be very distracting for the bride and groom, so you may want to only kiss every time you receive 10 cranes, or 100.

Kiss or Consequence
Start by creating a wheel on a stand. Some spaces say "Kiss" and others say "Consequences". Guests are invited to spin the wheel and if it stops on "Kiss", the Bride and Groom will kiss. If it stops on a "Consequence" space, the guest must perform some action drawn from a series of cards - like "Cluck like a chicken" or speak in "whale" and ask the bride and groom to kiss. 

If you think you might kiss too often, include parents and other couples in some of the "kiss" spaces. 

Show them how
This one can be a lot of fun. Guests are invited to show the bride and groom how to kiss. They can do it any way they like, but they must demonstrate. Then the bride and groom must duplicate the kiss as best they can. The crazier the kiss, the more fun for everyone.

Hula Hoops
This is easier for some guests than for others. The kids love it, and it's simple to set up. Supply several hula hoops at the reception and invite guests to twirl them. They must keep the hoop spinning for at least 30 seconds for the bride and groom to kiss. If they can do more than one hoop for more than 30 seconds, the entire bridal party must kiss someone.

Kiss for Charity
Have a box by the head table where guests can make a donation to the bride and groom's favorite charity. Each donation of more than $20 is rewarded with a kiss from the bride and groom.

Kiss Bingo
Guests are given bingo cards at their tables. Through the evening, balls are drawn from a bingo drum and the letters are called out. When someone gets "Bingo", the bride and groom kiss. 

Make the game more interesting by using the names of the bride and groom or another word that has meaning to them instead of "Bingo".


Know of other kissing games? Share them in the comments below!


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