Family Photos - I don't have time!

Taking a family portrait is not like it used to be. You don't have to spend hours getting dressed up and have to sit all stiff in the studio with huge flashes going on around you.

These days it is a lot of fun.

Dress as you normally do (maybe a little bit nicer if you like) and pick your favorite location and let's go!

A session can be anywhere from half an hour to about an hour and in that time you can get quite a few different poses and views. Sessions can last longer if you have a lot of people you want involved, but remember that kids get tired in an hour session and that means they are less likely to smile, so keep your group to your family, or schedule different parts of your family to come at different times.

If you choose to have your photos taken in a studio, the session itself is usually shorter as the location of the photos is fixed (though it can be a little flexible if not using backdrops). Setup and teardown can reduce the actual session time by about ½ hour, but that's usually lots of time for a regular family group.

What is the best time for a session?

Depending on the kind of session you are looking for, and the demeanor of your kids, timing can be very important.  Sessions should be timed when kids are most likely to be relaxed and “calmly energetic”.  We can work, as far as possible, around feeding times/school pick-ups etc., and I can stay for as long as it takes to get the pictures you are looking for. Depending on the kids, they may get tired after 15 minutes, or may go on forever like the energizer bunny - you know your kids so we can plan accordingly.

If your photos are to be taken outside, in natural light, the best time of day is an hour or two before sunset, or an hour or two after sunrise – the light is soft and atmospheric, and you are less likely to get big shadows on faces like you would if we met on a sunny midday. That being said, however, if your schedule works better during the middle of the day, we can accommodate that and work with the available light.

Of course if you are looking for a studio portrait session, any time works as we control the lighting. Sessions can be scheduled almost any time you are available.


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