Family Photos - But the weather is bad!

The weather is our natural nemesis when shooting outdoor photos – oh to be one of those lucky photographers who live in California and rarely have to deal with rain and never heavy snow!  But a little rain, or a light snowfall does not need to cancel a photo session.

Too much snow? Nah, unless it's a blizzard out, those little white flakes can make a very nice photo. Remember, when you're viewing the image later, you will enjoy it in the warmth of your own home and you won't be thinking about the chill. It's also a great time to snuggle up when you take the photos!

Not a big bright blue sky and lots of sun? Don’t worry! When it's cloudy out, we avoid the really harsh sun and high contrasting shadows and the camera will love it. The diffused light softens and flatters faces and makes it much easier to find good locations to photograph.

Unbearable heat? Not something we worry about too much in Southern Ontario, but it does happen. There are lots of shady spots and a gentle breeze makes all the difference.

What about rain then? Well, a downpour could be a problem for outside shots, but rain can also make for some interesting possibilities and there are always places that will shelter you - a gazebo or overhang make dry spots to stand under and umbrellas can also add to a photo.

Should the weather become unbearable, I am happy to reschedule your shoot, or move them indoors for a studio type session, but it may not be necessary.

As for a studio shoot, that's always another option. With a variety of backdrops to choose from, a studio can be set up at my studio, or in your home. Or we can do some wonderful photos in your home using strobe lighting setups.

There's really no excuse for not taking great photos - you can't blame it on the weather at least.


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