Protecting Your Camera Gear from Theft

So you're into photography, awesome! Then you know how expensive all that gear can get right? And what happens if you accidentally leave your camera sitting somewhere? Or worse yet, what if it is stolen?

There's a great solution out there in a site created by Trevor Sehrer called LensTag.

LensTag let's you register all of your equipment so that if it is ever stolen or lost, someone who finds it (or the pawn shop that someone tries to pawn it at) can find out where it came from and return it to you. Or maybe you just want to keep track of it all and brag to your friends with a gear list.

Trevor has created a great website, but for even greater convenience you can use your smartphone to take an image of your equipment serial number for verification.

And it doesn't stop there. If you install the Chrome plug-in (LensTag Rescue), then when you view images the plug in will look for serial numbers embedded in the images and will report back to the owner of the images where they were found and if they were used without permission allows you to contact the website and have them taken down. This is good for copyright, but also when you have private images you don't want used for other purposes.

Want to know the value of your gear collection? Your gear list comes with an estimated dollar value so you can tell what it's worth if you want to buy sell or trade used equipment.

And the best news of all? It's free! Thanks Trevor for such a great resource that keeps all of our equipment safe!

Be sure to check out LensTag, sign up and register your gear to start keeping it safe now!


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