Looking for something different for your Grad (senior) photos?

Graduation is a milestone. One of those times when you simply have to have photos. 

Taking the traditional Grad photo in cap and gown is a fantastic way to look back and remember a time in your life filled with hope and possibilities, to remember what you looked like and who you were. 

While the traditional photos are great, perhaps you are looking for something more. Grad photos (or Senior photos as they are known in the US) can express so much more about who you are, or who you were at graduation. They can capture your emotion, your personality and your interests in a way that is difficult to do in a traditional studio portrait.

The good news is that with the advancement of photography, you are no longer limited to the studio which was necessary to control the light and exposure.

Getting out of the studio is a first step and can make a big difference to your portraits. Finding a location you like can add more interest and bring more meaning if you choose a place that is special to you or provides some context to your interests. You don't have to go outside either. You could choose an indoor location that holds some special memory for you. These photos are referred to as environmental or lifestyle photographs. 

You don't have to wear the traditional Cap and Gown either. You can dress up for the occasion, or wear something that holds a particular memory for you. That's part of what is captured in the images - what you liked at the time.

Some clients bring multiple outfits to a session to express different interests in different locations.

Perhaps you are athletic and enjoy sports. Consider Grad photos in your football gear, or basketball uniform. How about your hockey gear? 

Enjoy biking? Why not consider portraits in your bike gear with your bike? If you're a dancer, what about in a dance studio? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Wherever you choose to have your portrait made, it can and should express some of who you are, so be sure to think about it and discuss the possibilities with your photographer.

If you really want something different, your images could even be altered to really have some fun and express how you feel! A "fantasy" shoot could be set up to create something very unique and expressive.

Just because Grad is now passed, or hasn't quite got here yet, doesn't mean you are out of luck for taking those grad photos. Many companies begin taking traditional school Graduation photos over the winter so they are ready to be published in the yearbook. Arranging your own photo session means you can plan those photos whenever you like. You can create images early so they are ready for your actual graduation, or you can take your time and do them through the summer after graduation or into the fall because you like he colours. When you arrange a session with an independent photographer, the options are endless.

They don't have to be expensive either. An independent photographer can provide you with digital images for you to print yourself, or prints if you prefer, often for less than or the same as traditional school photographs, and you gain all of the options.

The important thing is that you have some great photos that express who you are and some great memories to treasure for the rest of your life. You may not be looking far ahead, but when future generations look at your photos, they too will get a little taste of who you are.

Have an idea what you would like for your Graduation photos? Contact me today to discuss how we can make some awesome grad photos for you. And if you don't think you're creative, give me a call anyway. We can talk about what you might like and be creative together.

Oh, and if you still want the traditional cap and gown, be sure to ask about that as well!

(c) 2015 by Gary Scott, www.garyslens.ca 


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