Get in Character at Your Wedding

Everyone likes to have something a little different at their wedding - something the guests will remember - something fun.

Photos are one great way to do that. A photo booth can be a lot of fun, but at a wedding I recently photographed, the bride and groom stepped it up a notch above your average photo booth. Instead of getting dressed up in funny costumes and posing for a photo, all the guests had to do was line up and sit down for a few minutes.

A very special guest was invited to the wedding: Robin Oakes of Elmira, Ontario. Robin is an illustrator, artist and art teacher who has painted local murals, illustrated children's books and teaches art. Her main art style is cartoon, and that's where the twist comes in.

At the wedding, Robin was given a space at the side of the hall where all she needed was a table, paper, some light and an impressive assortment of sharpies. She got busy. There were laughing and smiling guests lining up all night to see her.

Every once in a while, Robin would pause and stretch out her hand, which you can imagine was working hard as she drew dozens upon dozens of caricatures of the guests. Throughout the reception, people were sharing the funny drawings that Robin had made for them - it was better than an Instamatic!

The mother and sister of the bride having
their caricature drawn by Robin.
It was evident in so many ways that the bride and groom appreciated their guests and were very happy to share their special occasion with them. The whole wedding, and especially the reception, was filled with lots of laughter and happiness. Having Robin there to share her talent was a very special way for Rachel and Brad to give a little of that joy and happiness back to their guests in a uncommon way.

You can be sure those drawings will be kept and displayed and when they are, people will remember the fantastic wedding and the warmth of friends that was shared that night.

If you are interested in having Robin get the people at your wedding or other occasion "into character", check out her webpage:, or email her at

And, oh yeah, I had to get into the action as well! Thanks Robin!


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