Adding a little sparkle.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 

Every bride knows there are a million little touches to make a wedding all their own. Every one of them has been thought out carefully and expresses the personality of the bride in some way, making their wedding day special - making it theirs.

The twinkle in the Bride's eye is only one thing that sparkles at a wedding; One of those finishing touches are the bangles you add, not only for the bride, but for the bridal party, among others. 

I recently ran into Amy Zarzicki, who I have had the privilege to photograph in the past. She is selling Jewelry from Origami Owl. Origami Owl makes each piece special by allowing you to customize them for your occasion, so they are perfect for a bride to wear on her wedding day, or to provide her wedding party with something that reflects the uniqueness of her wedding and the individuality of each of her special girls.

I invited Amy to tell us more about the jewelry:

When did you first get interested in Jewelry and Origami Owl?
Honestly, I fell in LOVE with the product through Facebook. I saw an advertisement posted by a local Independent Designer promoting the business and the Living Lockets. I was intrigued; the thought of creating my own personal locket to commemorate specials events in my life excited me. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and told my friends & family about these lockets I had seen. I decided I could not go wrong joining Origami Owl as an Independent Designer myself. It’s not work if you LOVE what you do and I love the product and what it stands for. Origami Owl strives to support and encourage women and be a FORCE FOR GOOD.

Tell us about the jewelry. What makes it unique?
Origami Owl custom jewelry is known for telling stories through our signature Living Lockets, personalized Charms, Bracelets and Earrings. The jewelry is as unique as the person creating the keepsake. You can select from several different Living Lockets, you than simply select the charms that Tell Your Story, add a plate to accent your creation or dangles to add a little sparkle. The jewelry is meaningful and fashionable.

What kinds of jewelry would brides be interested in? What would you recommend?
We have a complete Bridal Collection. Brides can create a meaningful gift or keepsake to celebrate their special day and give thanks to loved ones for being involved in their wedding. Brides may be interested in the Pave Bow-quet Locket Clasp, you can simply add a locket and pin it onto your bridal bouquet for the perfect finishing touch.

I would recommend creating personalized gifts and fashionable pieces for the bridal party. As a bride once myself deciding on the right gift to buy for my wedding party was tough. I suggest creating lockets for your bridesmaids. They will not only have this as a keepsake but it also represents them while incorporating your wedding style at the same time. We also have a beautiful line of jewelry we call our CORE line. With CORE you could also pick your chain, incorporate your wedding colors with an Affirmation Crystal and add one of our Mementos. This also creates a personal gift with style.

What sort of jewelry would be interesting to brides and their wedding party?
The collection has great gifts and lockets to help you create a stunning look. There are many plates with inscriptions: I do, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. There are also many memorable charms to include in your personal or bridal party gift lockets. The collection also includes a bow shaped pin to add sparkle with a locket to any bridal bouquet.

How would people contact you if they were interested?
You can contact me many ways; whether you are interested in the jewelry or have questions I am always available. Email:
Call/Text (613) 848-1588 

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