We Build Time Machines.

Photographs are more than pieces of paper covered in ink, or pixels displayed on a screen.

They are time machines.

They transport us through time and space to take us back to special moments in our lives, or the lives of our loved ones.

At Gary's Lens, we build that time machine for you.

For a moment, time travel to 1964 and my
parents' wedding day!
We make it possible for you to return to your wedding day; to take a tour of those moments you will treasure forever. Revisit those details you took so much time to lovingly prepare. Become re-acquainted with the family who gathered to celebrate your union. Visit the beauty salon, the church and the reception hall. And most of all, be reminded of how much in love you were.

Photographs are for far more than the moments in which they are taken. They are doorways back to those moments from a future time when memories begin to fade. They are a passageway back from the future to visit those precious moments again and again.

And when you have grown old and gray and hardly recognize the young people you visit in your time machine, you can welcome others to come on the journey with you. Perhaps friends, perhaps family, perhaps even your grandchildren who will share in the joys of visiting those special moments with you.

One day, sad to say, every one of us will pass from this earth. But the time machine can remain. And when anyone wishes to enter it all they have to do is open the door and they too will be transported back to your day; see the smiles on your younger selves and the love you shared. The celebration will continue.

What an amazing gift. One that lasts much more than one lifetime. One that lasts possibly throughout the future.

The only way for this time machine to work is for an anchor to be placed in a moment in time. The first time through, a photographer must be there to press the shutter button and from that moment on, the doorway remains open.

We build time machines. And we want you to journey with us.

You trust your photographer to take great pictures, but you also trust them to help you travel back through time. Trust Gary's Lens Photography to build that time machine for you.


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