They used my photo for what???

If you post photos to the internet, you must know that sooner or later they will be downloaded and used for just about anything.

Without getting into the whole issue of copyright infringement, or how it's important to give credit to the photographer, or compensate them for their work, I thought I'd share some funny mash ups I found of one of my pictures.

Back when I was getting starting in photography, I submitted a lot of images to stock sites. One of those was SXC (now known as "Free Images". It was a "free" stock photo site. Images posted to the site were critiqued and accepted or rejected on a number of criteria. At the time, it improved my photography as it helped me identify issues and work harder.

One of the images posted was of my daughter taking mail from a mailbox on a snowy road. It certainly wasn't one of my finest works of art, but like I said, I was learning. It was accepted though, and joined the collection. You can find the original image on the "Free Images" site here: You will note that it clearly states that I am supposed to be credited if you use the image.

Well, anyway, somehow the image got picked up by a site running by the name of "Freaking News" and was used for a contest where people were encouraged to photoshop it. Ironically, in spite of the gold coat and pink boots, the editor referred to the child in the photo as a little boy. They obviously didn't read the description on the image either, as it had said it was a girl too. A lot of people spent a good bit of time manipulating that photo with some funny, and some scary results.

So, here, for your enjoyment, are some of the photos as they presented them... I suppose I should feel guilty about not crediting the artists, but I don't see my name anywhere on their works which are all derivatives of my own... but then again, two wrongs don't make a right, so if you want to see where I found them at least, check here)

The moral of the story though - if you post it, don't be surprised if you see it turn up somewhere unexpected. You never know what might happen to it! And when you can, please credit the photographer or reference the source of your image at least.


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