Parthenon. Nashville?

I am in Nashville this week. Not for the country music, but for Imaging USA, a photography conference and expo put on by the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). The place is crawling with photographers, and I am sure there will be hundreds, or perhaps thousands of photos going up on the web of Nashville this week. 

Of course, I had to add a few of my own.

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is a little older and honestly doesn't look so great these days, so where better to build a replica than the country music capital of the world?

In reality, of course, it is an art gallery. To enter, you tunnel your way through a lower door in front of the main structure.

No two columns, they say, are exactly the same. And there are no perfectly straight lines in the building.

I don't suppose that the greeks would have boarded down the marble walkways, but this is Nashville.

The building is majestic and it truly takes you back to ponder how magnificent it must have been to behold in the fourth century BC.

It was unfortunate that there was landscaping construction going on all around the building. It limited some of the photo opportunities, but if you get a chance to come by during the summer, this is truly a sight to see.


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