Create unique family portraits.

Have you seen portraits of nineteenth century wealthy aristocrats hanging in mansions? Some of them are very strictly posed - probably so the person in the painting can stand long enough to be painted. On other canvases, they are depicted with their dogs, or reading, or enjoying some other interest that captured their imagination. The former are important historical records of the people. The latter are as well, but they bring so much more character into the images. They express who the individuals are as people. They tell their story.

Why not do the same with your family photos? 

Family photos are a way to look back on your family the way you were. They are an important way to capture who you were and who you have become as the years tick by. Having a photo of your family is a good start, but why not take it a step further and include your family's interests? 

The photos in this blog were created as a cooperative effort between the father and son and the photographer. The father knew what he and his son enjoyed - their love of cars. Because of their shared interest, they had the connections to find a great car for the photos - actually the grandfather's car. They also knew of a great location to take the photos.

The photographer's experience with lighting, composition and posing were used to create some truly memorable images that father and son will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Taking time to plan your family photo session will make it more interesting. Your photos will be more memorable and more enjoyable to create. And they will express who you are as a family.
Want to create a truly unique family portrait? Take some time with your photographer to think about what makes your family unique and plan to make your session special. Consider what your family enjoys - cycling, cooking, reading, exploring, hiking - explore the web to look for ideas and concepts that express your interests. Check Pinterest for similar images and expand on them to make them your own.

The images you create together will not only make some great keepsakes; you will be proud to hang them on your wall and show them off.

(c) 2015 by Gary Scott, all rights reserved.


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