Wedding Money Saving Tip!

Consulting with a bride the other day, they shared a great tip for saving money on your wedding. With their permission, I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Weddings are expensive. It is probably the biggest event you will ever plan and hold, with the largest price tag to go along with it, so when you find ways to trim the fat, it can make a huge difference to your budget.

Borrowing a friends classic car instead of using a limo, having a friend or relative take a cake decorating class and making your wedding cake, or using the church hall instead of a banquet hall are just some of the ways you can cut the costs, but in this day and age of digital, this one really caught my attention.

Most brides either rent or purchase a lot of items to decorate their wedding. This might include an arbor complete with flowers, vases with decorative rocks in them, silk flowers, table or chair covers, ribbons, bows, and an assortment of other odds and ends. If they were lucky enough to have a rental location close by, they may have rented them, however if that was not an option, they may have had to purchase them.

What do they do with them afterwards? If they have lots of money, they may end up in a landfill (not good), or given to friends, but these days there is another option - sell them or even give them away on Kijiji.

This is where the savings comes in of course. If you aren't too proud, you can probably find almost everything you need for your wedding decorations and maybe even a few things you hadn't thought of, all on-line for a "slightly used" price. Most of the decorations have only been used for one day and are in stellar shape. With a little dusting off or a quick run through a washing machine they can be made as good as new.

And of course, once you're done with them yourself, you can list them on the auction sites again, recoup some of your budget and those items can revisit another wedding, sharing more joy and even greater savings for the next bride.

Have you heard of a cost saving tip? Why not share it in the comments below for other brides to read!


  1. Good to know about these money saving tips for wedding. Planning to arrange my sister-in-law’s wedding and trying to find one of budget-friendly Chicago wedding venues. Hope to find best venue and book it soon.


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