My photographer wore a red striped shirt.

Remember the last time you watched a live television show like "Dancing with the Stars"? Did you spot the camera operators? Probably not. They try very hard not to be in the line of site of another camera. Usually unseen, if you do happen to spot one, they are dressed all in black and fade into the background.

Sadly, I have attended weddings as a guest where it seemed the wedding photographer felt they were the real star of the show. They wore bright clothes that stood out, and took every opportunity to stand in the view of the guests who were there to witness the union. One in particular I remember wore a bright red and white striped shirt!

Can you spot the photographer? In this intimate ceremony, it is pretty
obvious when you know where to look,but not so obvious at first
 glance. This photo was taken by my 2nd Photographer Ruby Parhar.
While the wedding photographer should be expected to be everywhere, taking images of as much of your event as possible, they should also be discrete about their presence. Unless specifically sanctioned by the bride and groom, Interrupting the ceremony to get the shot is generally not acceptable.

I usually talk to my couples about their level of comfort regarding my visibility. Are they OK with me occasionally popping up to get a good picture - of the rings being exchanged for instance - or would they prefer that I stay in the background and use a longer lens to get the shots? And I am guided accordingly.

It can also be very difficult to know what your photographer will wear on your wedding day, and even harder to know how they will act. Unless you have had the opportunity to see the photographer at work at another wedding, you can't really be sure. One way is to ask for references from other brides, but not all brides appreciate being called by a photographers' future clients. 

It doesn't hurt for you to suggest to your photographer that you prefer they be dressed appropriately and define exactly what that means to you. Their perception of appropriate may not be the same as yours. Do you prefer they rent a tux? wear a suit? business casual? or is your wedding a jeans and t-shirt affair?

Probably the best way to be dressed is similar to the other guests. These days, business casual is generally appropriate; a darker coloured open necked shirt and black pants are comfortable to work in and give good mobility when handling the cameras, but still are professional and unobtrusive. 

Of course, if your wedding is themed and you are asking your guests to dress a certain way, be sure to let the photographer know as well!

(c) 2013 Gary Scott - Gary's Lens Photography


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